>SiD Nepal–Society for Indigenous Development Nepal

>Since I have returned from Nepal, I have been looking at ways to help promote Dhaka weaving. I will be giving a talk on Dhaka weaving in my hometown sometime in January. I have also gotten a very powerful software for designing textiles called Pointcarré. I want to raise funds to pay for the cost of this software and the training associated with it. I will use this software to design textiles for SiD Nepal, Society for Indigenous Development Nepal.

I have had to take down the widget because I have been experiencing difficulties with Paypal. However, I am still looking to raise funds for the textile design software. This is a personal project, so any donations are not tax-deductible. Any donation, no matter what amount, would be much appreciated. If anyone wants to donate, I can be reached at this link:
Email me

Also, if anyone wants to contact SiD Nepal directly to help them out, their brochure is here.

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